Our Story is Your Story

Freshmanna Online Store is primarily an online book store set up for the sales and promotion of  publications by  Rev. Edmund Sackey-Brown.. The website makes available his books for all who follow and subscribe to his ministry.  Also to further the spiritual growth of Christian readers,  other valued reading materials and publications from seasoned men and women of God can be purchased as well when available on the site.


Freshmanna Publications provides various publishing services. This includes Book editing, Proof reading and printing services. We have a dedicated team of well-versed and skilled professionals who remain committed to publishing with excellence and quality standards. For your book to be the absolute best and appreciated by your readers, essential services such as book design,  proofreading and editing process must be excellent. These processes are essential. One mistake can be all it takes to turn away a potential reader/buyer. Sometimes these quality standards  makes the difference for  a bookstore manager’s decision to carry your book or not.

It pays to have an expert go through your manuscript for content consistency, grammatical errors, punctuation, and syntax, among others. Freshmanna Publications produces books in English, Spanish, French and German Languages. We have a trademark for working with both established and fresh authors.



Alpha Prints, is our print media services that provide you with classics designs and a variety of custom  printing services

We offer printing services which covers items such as Books, flyers, banners, invitation cards and many more.


Freshmanna Devotion is a daily devotional written by Pastor Edmund Sackey-Brown.

 The objectives of this devotional are five-fold  and focused on the following areas

  1. Inspiration, 2. Motivation, 3. Encouragement 4. Empowerment and 5. Direction for daily living.

This devotional is available for subscription on a daily basis for all subscribers. To subscribe kindly follow the following steps

    1. Save this number + 49 151 433 00 957 on your phone contacts,
    2. Send a WhatsApp message to the number with the message – I want to receive Freshmanna Devotional. Thereafter you will receive the devotional daily.